Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web service, A future of IT services. Now its easy to Host Websites, Web-Applications, Mobile Application, IIoT, Data Analysis, Storage, Database and many more. Amazon Web Services are one of the founders of Cloud services.

Amazon web Service is one of the fast-growing web service of on-demand cloud computing on pay per usage. Amazon Web Service offers various web services like EC2, Lightsail, Route53 and many more. EC2 service allows to build up a virtual computing system with scalable CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, Selective OS, Database, and Networking. Lightsail is specially design to host Web Application and Websites. It offers a platform where you can load balance your interface traffic, managed database, well define storage structure and many more features. Route53 is highly scalable and available cloud Domain Name system service. It is designed to provide IP translation into a human understandable shortest and fastest route towards a service to any client.

EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud which helps to build secure and scalable compute module. Easy to built up, Scale up, Scale down and Break down. It offers various options from Processor to Storage, Operating system to pre-defines applications. You can choose processor, RAM, GPU, Storage, NIC, OS, Applications as per your requirement. You can scale up and scale down your hardware requirement anytime you require. You can get instances on demand also. You can even replicate your systems along with its data and using Route 53 and lightsail you can host it near to your client so it can get easily load up.

Amazon Light sail helps to integrate your web application or Website using its user-friendly Graphical User Interface. Lightsail is specially designed for Simple web application, Blog site, E-commerce, business website, CRM application and many more. It provides a development platforms on different Operating systems like Windows and Linux. You can also define which platform you require to host your product like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and many more. There are some predefine stacks are available for Node.js, GitLab, Django and so on.

Route 53 reference to USA road map Routes and 53 stands for TCP/UDP port number. It is a domain Name service which keeps a DNS record to identify the addresses and the routes towards it. Using Route 53 we can control the traffic flow and bifurcate the traffic based on Latency, Geographical, Geoproximity, and many more. Using Route 53 you can easily manage your Domains like and its services like email, CDN, Calendar and many more.