Lightsail, as its name suggest AWS lightly and smartly sail your websites like Blogs, E-commerce, Inquiry cart, Informative and many more, and Web-applications like sales force, Zoho, Quickbooks, hotspot, hootsuite and so on. Lightsail provides all necessary items which require to launch website or web-application. It offers you virtual servers, Managed databases, Container services, Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributions, Static Public IP address, DNS management and many more…We can help you to integrate Lightsail with your API to get brief information on actions, parameters with its datatypes and errors of Lightsail. It supports Many datatypes likes Alarm, Diskinfo, Log events, Static IP and many more.. Apart from it, it also supports some common parameters on API as a string query like Action, Version, X-Amz-Date, X-Amz-Security-Token and few more..

Lightsail is specially designed to handle your projects in an easy way with:

  • High availability Storage
  • Secure Networking
  • Easy Snapshots
  • Powerful API
  • Ease Management

Basic Lightsail offers:

  • Static Public IP address
  • DNS Management
  • One Click SSH/RDP connection
  • Management Console
  • Server Monitoring dashboard
  • Content Delivery Network

The SEO Park can helps you to choose operating systems with development stacks like LAMP, SQL Server Express. for Website you can choose applications like WordPress, Drupal, Magento.